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Technical Requirements

Updated November 2019


Before starting the integration of Zoola Analytics with your LMS please ensure that your installation meets the following requirements:

  • Moodle/Totara database must be accessible to the internet.

  • Your LMS installation meets or exceeds the recommended technical requirements outlined in the below document.

Browser Requirements

BrowserMinimum VersionRecommended Version
Google Chrome56.084.X
Mozilla Firefox64.079.X
Apple Safari11.X12.X
Apple Safari iPad7.09.X
Microsoft Internet Explorer11.X11.X
Microsoft Edge42.044.X

Learning Management System (LMS) Version Requirements

BrowserMinimum VersionRecommended Version


Learning Record Store (LRS) Version Requirements

BrowserMinimum VersionRecommended Version

Learning Locker


PHP Version Requirements

BrowserMinimum VersionRecommended Version

PHP for Moodle

PHP for Totara7.0.X


OS Package Requirements

OS PackageMinimum VersionRecommended Version


Database Requirements

When granting Zoola an account for database access, it is strongly recommended that the access provided is to a replica database (as opposed to direct access to your production database). This replica database can be a backup, if you choose.

Note that if you opt to instead provide access to your production database, queries run against this database may negatively impact

the performance of your Learning Management System. The replication frequency of this database will determine the time-based availability of your data in Zoola.

Table PrefixVendor & Version

Zoola Analytics requires that each table name

in your Moodle or Totara database have the
following default prefix: mdl_ i.e. 'mdl_user'

Zoola Analytics requires a JDBC connection to the Moodle
or Totara database.

Postgres SQL9.4.1911.4
Microsoft SQL Server20142017

Database Connection Security

Zoola Analytics requires a Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted connection to your database. Lambda Solutions
will work with you to ensure the appropriate security is in place to ensure your data remains safe.

ProtocolMinimum VersionRecommended Version

Transport Layer Security (TLS)


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