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IP Whitelisting allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from which your users can access your domains. IP Whitelist is a security feature often used for limiting and controlling access so that only trusted users are able to access internal computers.

IP whitelisting can be performed on a range of devices and services and will be dependent on your LMS and IT infrastructure that you have in place. Below are some of the options that may be appropriate to your configuration.

  • Self Hosting: If you are hosting your Moodle and Totara site on premise you will likely need to configure your network firewall to allow access. Your network or IT administrator will need make the necessary changes.

  • Cloud Hosting: If you are hosting via a external or cloud based solution, you can likely perform this configuration through the provider’s control panel interface. Firewall settings are typically controlled through the Network and Security options that are available.

  • Moodle/Totara Partner Hosting: If you are hosting your LMS with a Moodle or Totara partner you will need to contact them to ensure that they will allow access to the LMS database by Zoola.

To successfully allow access of Zoola to your Moodle or Totara you will need to whitelist the following IP addresses.




To further restrict access, whitelist rules can be bound to the following firewall ports, depending on the database that you are using.

  • MySQL: 3306 (default)

  • PostgreSQL: 5346

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