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 Lambda Zoola™ is a cloud-based reporting solution that empowers talent and learning departments to obtain a deeper understanding of learning and talent development programs. Lambda Zoola™ provides a modern approach to reporting with a spectrum of increasingly advanced analytics. From basic reports to interactive visualizations including geo-mapping, scatter or bubble charts, you can produce reports that are beautiful, shareable and interactive.



Lambda Zoola Highlights

  • Users can immediately access, analyze, and visualize Totara and Moodle LMS data
  • Quickly create graphic and interactive executive Dashboards
  • Produce comprehensive print-quality Reports

Lambda Zoola Benefits

  • Spend less time creating Reports and Dashboards and spend more time focused on students and employees

  • Quickly demonstrate how the business is using teaching learning to achieve its goals, including compliance with various regulations

  • Provide feedback to students, targeting support and additional resources that can have the maximum effect.
  • Access powerful analytics that demonstrate learning effectiveness and provide insight to accurately understand where to invest in the future.


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