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Congratulations for purchasing Lambda Zoola Analytics

A requirement for any learning management system (LMS) is the ability to provide complete insight that proves the effectiveness of your training and education programs. Current LMS offerings do not deliver on this requirement. Reporting capabilities in the LMS market today are limited in their ability to access and analyze the wealth of your data, and present it in a meaningful way. Their outdated approaches to running reports are time-consuming and leave users so full of frustration that many of them are driven to switching their LMS.

Zoola Analytics is the only cloud-based reporting and analytics solution that is purpose-built for Moodle and Totara Learn. Zoola gives users full control by delivering real-time access to all your learning data, unmatched visualization options and full flexibility to schedule and share information. Transform your learning data into meaningful learning and training insights in minutes. that helps you gain real insights from your learning data in minutes, instead of days.

Lambda Zoola Features

  • Complete and secure access to your data

  • Embed your Reports and Dashboards into your Moodle or Totara

  • Quickly create stunning visualizations

  • Build & share insightful Executive Dashboards

  • Report Scheduling


To get started view the Zoola Installation Guide to walk through the full configuration steps required to connect to Zoola and install the reporting plugins. 

Alternatively, view the Installation Cheat Sheet that contains the basic installation information.



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