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If you re using a PostgreSQL database there are a number of other connection steps that you may need to perform in order to get Zoola and your database to communicate effectively. These steps are NOT required for MySQL connections.

  1. When executing complex and long running reports through Zoola, hot standby PostgreSQL servers can sometimes cancel these data requests when new information is received from the master server. Changes to the max_standby_archive_delay and max_standby_streaming_delay parameters can help resolve some of these issues. For more information about this configuration please review the following PostgreSQL documentation.
  2. Similar to the above issue, large database requests or ones that stay idle for a long period of time can prevent Zoola reports from rendering correctly. This is typically due to a database connection closing after specific timeout period. It is our recommendation to update the following PostgreSQL Server Settings
    •  tcp_keepalives_idle=60
    • tcp_keepalives_interval=10

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