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In order to install Zoola Analytics there are four main configuration steps that need to be completed.

  1. Whitelist Zoola Analytics IP addresses on Firewall or Network Security device

  2. Ensure that Remote Access is enabled to the LMS database

  3. Grant database access to Zoola user

  4. Zoola Connection Test configuration

Lambda Solutions also recommends using SSL as a way of encrypting communication between the LMS database and Zoola. If your database already has an SSL certificate, this can be used when negotiating a secure connection. Visit the SSL Certificates section of the document to find out more information about enabling encrypted connections.

Once these steps have been completed your Moodle or Totara will be successfully connected to Zoola and you can start using the reporting solution to get full access to your learning data.

The following sections of this document outline the configuration and installation process for each of these steps. Please follow these instructions to successfully complete the Moodle or Totara, and Zoola Analytics installation process.

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