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When you add a Report that has input controls to a Dashboard, the controls don't appear on the Dashboard until you explicitly add them, one-by-one. The controls can either be added directly to the Dashboard as a dashlet or accessed from the toolbar as a pop-up window. When the Report runs, Dashboard users provide input using the control. Data based on the user input appears in the Dashboard. For example, using the input control, you select "Mexico." The report on the dashboard shows orders from Mexican companies.

To add controls to a Dashboard as a Dashlet, complete the following steps:

  1. In the  Filters section of the Dashboard Designer, expand a folder. The available input controls for the Report/View appear. 

  2. Drag an  Input Control onto the  Dashboard Canvas. The input control will become a unique Dashlet. 

  3. If required, drag more controls onto the new input control Dashlet. Resize the Dashlets as needed to view all of the input controls. 

  4. Click the  Save button  and select  Save Dashboard. 

  5. Click the  Display button to preview the dashboard. 

  6. Use the options to select a value from the values list, and click the  Apply button at the bottom of the Dashlet. The data displayed changes, but is not updated in the other reports. 

  7. Click  to return to the  Dashboard Designer

To rename an input control or filter, complete the following steps: 

  1. In the  Dashboard Designer canvas, right-click the input controls Dashlet and select  Properties from the context menu. The  FIlter Properties window opens: 

  2. Change the text in the  Filter Label field. 

  3. Click the  OK button.

To add input controls as a pop-up window, complete the following steps:

  1. In the  Dashboard Designer, click the  Properties button   to open the  Dashboard Properties window.  

  2. Select the  Show filter dashlet as pop-up option. 

  3. Click the  OK button.   
    The input controls Dashlet disappears from the Dashboard, and the Filter button  appears on the toolbar. This button is also displayed to end users when viewing the Dashboard.  

  4. Hover over the  Save icon  and select  Save Dashboard

  5. Click the  Preview button to preview the Dashboard. 

  6. From the preview toolbar, click the  Filter button  to view the filter pop-up window.  

  7. Click the  Apply button to apply any input control changes to the Dashboard. 

  8. Click the  Filter button   to close the filter pop-up window. 

  9. Click the  Preview button  to return to the  Dashboard Designer

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