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When working with chart Dashlets in the Dashboard Designer, you can specify a link that opens when a user clicks the Dashlet. You can optionally include a parameter which references an existing filter in another Dashlet, and uses that filter to display a specific web page relevant to the filtered information.

  1. Right-click the dashboard name and select  Open in Designer from the context menu. The  Dashboard Designer opens. 

  2. Create a chart hyperlink: 

    1. Right-click on the dashlet and select  Properties from the context-menu. The  Dashlet Properties dialog box opens. 

    2. Click the  Hyperlinks tab. 

    3. Click  Enable chart hyperlinks to select it. 

    4. Choose  Open new page from the  Action menu. 

    5. The  Web Address/Repository URL entry bar is displayed. 

    6. Enter "repo:/public/Samples/Reports/report_name" for the  Web Address/Repository URL. To see the report's path, hover over the report's name in the  Existing Content pane. 

    7. Click the  OK button.

  3. Preview the new dashboard functionality with the  Preview button. 

  4. Add a parameter: 

    1. Right-click on the dashlet, select  Properties from the context-menu, and click the  Hyperlinks tab. 

    2. The  Available Parameters area shows the parameters available in the chart. 

    3. Modify the URL to add a parameter that provides a value for an input control in the target report:  

      1. You need to know the correct name of the input control in your target report. 

      2. Create a parameter. If you create a parameter name, it is helpful to use a name that is not used in the  Filter Manager

        If you use one of the names in the Available Parameters list, the mapping to the parameter is created for you.


    4. Click  Create Links in  Filter Manager. Click  Yes when prompted. The  Filter Manager is displayed. 

    5. In the  Filter group, click a new row with  Affected Dashlet and  Filter/Parameter dropdown menus. 

    6. In the  Dashlet Affected column, select a column from the new  Select dashlet dropdown menu. 

    7. In the  Filter/Parameter Affected column, select a field from the new  Select parameter dropdown menu. 

    8. Click the  OK button. 

Now, to preview the new Dashboard functionality, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the  Preview button to preview the Dashboard. 

  2. Click in the text box to display the available values. 

  3. Select a value from the list, and click the  Apply button at the bottom of the dashlet. 

  4. Click the chart dashlet. 

  5. To verify that the parameter has been passed correctly, click in the Report. 

  6. Return to the tab that contains your Dashboard. 

  7. From the  Dashboard Designer, select  Save Dashboard

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