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When logged in as an administrator, you can manage the roles assigned to users within your organization. The roles included in Zoola™ allow you to define which users have readwritedelete, and execute access to Domains, Ad Hoc Views, Reports, and Dashboards.


  • Read: this permission allows the user to view the item in the repository and copy it into customized Ad Hoc Views, Reports, or Dashboards. 

  • Write: this permission allows the user to view, open, and modify repository items. 

  • Delete: this permission allows the user to view and permanently remove repository items. 

  • Execute: this permission allows the user to run repository items in the background, but not to view them in the repository or in customized Ad Hoc Views, Reports, or Dashboards. 

The seven roles included in Zoola™ have predefined permissions, as outlined in the following chart:

Read Public Files
Execute Public Files
Read / Execute Dashboards
Read / Execute Reports
Read /Write / Delete /Execute Domains
Read /Write /Delete Ad Hoc Views
Read /Write /Delete /Execute Reports
Read /Write /Delete /Execute Dashboards

To modify items from the Public folder, you must be assigned ROLE_PUBLIC_READ. You can then copy an item from the Public folder into a private folder, and proceed to make changes locally.


To assign roles to a user in your organization, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Zoola™ as an administrator. 

  2. Click  Manage > Users. The  Manage Users page opens. 

  3. In the  Users panel, identify and select the user you wish to edit. The  Properties panel will display the associated properties of the selected user. 

  4. In the  Properties panel, click the  Edit button. The panel opens into the editing interface. 

  5. The  Roles Available panel lists the optional roles you can assign to the specified user. The  Roles Assigned panel lists the roles that are already assigned to the user. To assign a role, select it from the  Roles Available panel and click the  Rightward Arrow button  to move it into the  Roles Assigned panel. 

  6. To remove a role from a user, select the role from the  Roles Assigned panel and click the  Leftward Arrow button  to move it into the  Roles Available panel. 

  7. Click the  Save button to assign the roles and exit the panel. To exit the panel without saving, click the  Cancel button. 


If a user attempts to run a Dashboard without having been assigned ROLE_PUBLIC_EXEC (at a minimum), any components of the Dashboard that stem from the Public folder will appear as blank white space in the Dashboard.

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