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Once installed, Zoola™ adds seven unique roles to your Moodle/Totara settings. These roles, when assigned to an LMS user, serve two functions:

  • Assigning  any Zoola™ role in Moodle/Totara enables the assigned user to access Zoola™ from their LMS homepage through the Zoola™ block.  

  • Each role provides the assigned user with specific access permissions in Zoola™, corresponding to the Zoola™ Roles:



    LMS RolesZoola Role
    Zoola DashboardsROLE_DASHBOARDS
    Zoola Domain DesignerROLE_DOMAIN_DESIGNER
    Zoola ReportsROLE_REPORTS
    Zoola UserROLE_USER
    Zoola AdministratorROLE_ADMINISTRATOR



For an explanation of the Zoola™ Roles and access permissions, see Zoola™ Roles and Permissions.


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