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When working with Web Page Dashlets in the Dashboard Designer, you can include a parameter reference in the Dashlet's URL. The parameter references an existing filter in another Dashlet, and uses that filter to display a specific web page relevant to the filtered information.

The following example takes you through the steps for creating a simple Dashboard in the Dashboard Designer, adding a sample chart with geographic filters, and creating a Web Page Dashlet that displays a Wikipedia page for the country the sample chart is filtered on. 

First, create the simple dashboard:

  1. From the  Home page. Click  Create > Dashboard. The  Dashboard Designer appears, displaying the list of available content and the canvas. 

  2. In the  Existing Content section of the  Available Content panel, find and select a Report. 

  3. Click and drag the Report onto the  Dashboard Canvas

  4. Next, add the  Filter input control to the Dashboard: 

    1. In the  Filters section, expand the folder. 

    2. Drag the  Customer Country input control onto the canvas. 

Now, add the Web Page Dashlet with the parameter reference and add it to the filter:

  1. In the  New Content section of the  Available Content panel, click and drag the  Web Page item onto your Dashboard. The  Dashlet URL window opens. 

  2. Enter the following URL:$P\{Customer Country}  

  3. Click the  OK button. 

  4. Right-click the Dashlet and select  Properties from the context-menu. 

  5. Change the  Dashlet Name to "Wiki." 

  6. Click the Parameter Mapping icon to open the Parameter Mapping window. 

  7. Open a row containing the new  Affected Dashlet and  Filter/Parameter dropdown menus that appear. 

  8. In the  Dashlet Affected column, select "wiki" from the new  Select dashlet dropdown menu. 

  9. In the  Filter/Parameter Affected column, select a field from the new  Select  parameter dropdown menu. 

  10. Click the  OK button.

Finally, preview the new Dashboard functionality: 

  1. Preview the Dashboard. 

  2. Click in the text box to display the available values. 

  3. Select a value from the values list, and click the  Apply button at the bottom of the Dashlet. 

  4. Return to the  Dashboard Designer

  5. Select  Save Dashboard

  6. In the  Save As window, change the default name and locate a folder, such as the  /Dashboards folder. 

  7. Click  Save.

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