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To add a new chart, crosstab, or table to your dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. In the  New Content section of the  Available Content panel, click and drag the type of element you want to add to your Dashboard (Chart,  Crosstab, or  Table) onto the  Dashboard Canvas. The designer's  Ad Hoc Editor opens, and the  Select Data dialog appears. 

  2. Browse to or search for the data source you want to use: 

    • Click the  View as Tree button   for a tree view of the files.

    • Click  View as List button   for a list view of the files.

    • Click in the text entry box to search for a specific data source. 

  3. Depending on your selected data source, the remaining steps may vary. Follow the on-screen instructions to navigate through the  Data Chooser. You can also refer to the earlier guide on using the  Data Chooser

  4. When you complete the data source selection process, click the  OK button. The  Data Chooser window closes and the on-board  Ad Hoc Editor becomes available. The on-board Ad Hoc Editor works just like the standard editor. 

  5. When you finish creating your view, click the  Save button   to save. 

  6. In the  Save to Dashboard dialog, enter a dashlet name and click  Save. The dashlet is added to your dashboard. 

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