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Release Notes

January 2019 Release

Zoola Enhancements

NEW REPORTUser Badge Overview Report - To help with the tracking and reporting of badges issued through Moodle and Totara LMS, the Zoola team has built a new Badge Data Source, which combines badge, user and course information into a single data source. In addition to this, the Zoola team have built an User Badge Overview Ad Hoc View and Report, which can be used to see basic badge information within the LMS. You can access these new Zoola artifacts by visiting View Existing under the Data Sources, Ad Hoc Views or Reports menu items.

Update Totara 9 Users and Courses Data Source to utilize Job Assignments functionality - The Users and Courses Data Source was previously built to use the old Totara 2.9 method of showing a user's position and manager. This data source has now been updated to utilize the Job Assignment functionality that was introduced in Totara 9.

COMPATIBILITYTotara 12 - Zoola has been updated and tested with Totara 12

Zoola Plugins

ENHANCEMENT: Add Course Completion filters to Event Scheduler - Over the last few releases we have been making enhancements to the Zoola Reports block Event Scheduler, which allows for reports or messages to be sent by Zoola when particular events take place within the LMS. We have now further enhanced this functionality to allow for specific event filters to be applied to the Course Completion event. This allows for greater control over the reports and messages that should be sent when specific courses have been completed.

When you access the Event Scheduler (Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Zoola Reports), create a New Event Schedule and choose the "Core: User completed course" as the event type, two additional filtering options will become available. 

    • Select Courses - Allows the admin to restrict the event trigger so that reports/messages are only sent for specific courses.
    • Select Groups - Allows the admin to restrict the event trigger so that reports/messages are only sent for specific groups within course. The group selection options will display according to the course(s) that have been selected.

Schedules created with these settings applied will now only send reports or messages to the users associated with specific courses or groups, as they appear in the course completion event. For more information on the Event Scheduler and its usage, please visit the Case Study: Using the Zoola Reports Block Event Scheduler walkthrough for a more in depth explanation.

ENHANCEMENTPass Localization information to Zoola Reports Block Schedules ("Send as Email" button, Block Schedule and Event Schedule) - The Zoola Reports Block has now been enhanced so that the localization/language information is used when using the block's email sending functionality.

For the Export to PDF, Export to Excel and Send as Email buttons in the Zoola Reports block the user's current session language selection is used to perform the localization.This language selection is either based on the user's preferred language selection (located in the user's profile) or based on their session language settings, which is usually controlled through the user menu or LMS header.

For Block Schedules (available by clicking Scheduled Reports in the Zoola Reports Block) or Event Schedules the exports are based on the user's preferred language selection only.


BUGLocalizeLanguage Ad Hoc View function not performing translation when data viewed in Report or exported/scheduled - We have identified an issue with the LocalizeLanguage function which is used to perform language translation in Zoola Ad Hoc Views based on the the Multi-Language tag functionality in Moodle/Totara. This function worked as expected with Ad Hoc Views, but when using a Report or exporting/scheduling to the data the LocalizeLanguage translation was not being performed. This issue has now be resolved on and so that Ad Hoc Views, Reports, exports, schedules and Zoola Reports Block functions all apply the appropriate language localization.

BUGModal Issue with Time Tracker plugin when using the Moodle RemUI Theme - We have identified an issue when using the Lambda Time Tracker (local_lambda_time_tracker) with the Edwiser RemUI theme for Moodle where if a Time Tracker interrupt is triggered (user does not interact with LMS for longer than specified time) the LMS screen becomes unresponsive. Lambda have identified the fix for this this and informed Edwiser, the RemUI theme developers, to incorporate into a future version of the theme. To manually fix this issue you can add the following CSS rule to the RemUI theme, Custom CSS area (Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Edwiser RemUI > General Settings > Custom CSS). {
    opacity: 1;


UPDATE: We have updated the Case Study: Cascading Input Controls documentation to include a link to the Create Input Control workflow within Zoola, which will make creation of the Input Controls used in this workflow easier to perform. 

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