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On the Save as Topic page, you can enter a name and a description to save the Data Chooser settings as a Domain Topic. Thereafter, you can create different views from the Domain Topic, using its fields, filters, and display label settings. You can also edit the Domain Topic to change the settings.

  • After you enter a name for the Domain Topic, save it by clicking the  OK button from any page in the wizard. The  Ad Hoc Editor opens ready to use the fields, filters, and display label settings. 

  • By default, Domain Topics are saved in the standard Topics folder. This corresponds to the  Ad Hoc Components > Topics location in the repository; Topics and Domain Topics in this folder appear on the Topics tab when you start a view. Do not modify this folder name. 

  • The description text appears with the Domain Topic in the repository and at the bottom of the Topics tab on the Ad Hoc Source dialog box. Enter an informative description that helps users understand the nature and purpose of this Domain Topic.

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