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To design a Domain Topic or a view based on a domain, use the Data Chooser wizard. To open the Data Chooser wizard, click Create > Ad Hoc View. Click the View as Tree button and browse to a Domain, then click the Choose Data button to access the following pages of the Data Chooser via the left-panel block menu:

  • The Fields Page: choose the fields to make available in the Ad Hoc Editor. 

  • The Pre-filters Page: define a filter on any field, with the option of prompting for user input, or to compare fields. 

  • The Display Page: change the order and names of fields that appear in the Ad Hoc Editor. 

  • The Save as Topic Page: save the settings as a Domain Topic. 

You must first select fields on the Fields page, but the other three pages are optional and can be completed in any order. 

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