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This section describes the creation of a simple dashboard.

To add a Report or Ad Hoc View to a Dashboard, you must have permission to view all included elements.

To create a simple dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. Click  Create > Dashboard. The  Dashboard Designer appears, displaying the list of available content and the canvas. 

  2. In the  Existing Content section of the  Available Content panel, select a Report. 

  3. Click and drag the Report onto the  Dashboard Canvas

  4. In Available Content, select another Report.

  5. Click and drag the report onto the canvas, until the left half of the report turns orange. 



    The selected Report appears on the canvas, next to the previous Report. Both Report Dashlets are sized to fit side-by-side on the canvas. 

  7. In the  Dashboard Designer toolbar, click the  Properties button  to open the  Dashboard Properties dialog. 

  8. Deselect the  Show dashlet borders check box and click the  OK button. 

  9. Click the  Display icon  to preview the Dashboard. 
  10. The end user view of the Dashboard appears. 

  11. Click  to return to the designer 

  12. Hover over the  Save As icon  and then select  Save Dashboard

  13. In the  Save As window, change the default name and locate a folder, such as the "/Dashboards" folder. 

  14. Click  Save.

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