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March 2019 Release

Zoola Enhancements

NEW REPORTSchedules Overview Report - Zoola now features a number of different scheduling methods (Zoola Scheduler, Zoola Block Scheduler, Event Scheduler), which can be used to send out LMS reports. To help manage these different schedules and see them all in one place we have created a new Schedules Overview Report. This report allows you to see all the schedules that have been created across the different scheduling methods available through Zoola.

The report shows schedule type, the user that created the schedule, and information about the schedule itself, including the name, last run, next run and status. The report features hyperlinks for the User, Schedule Name & Report Name fields so you can us the report as a navigation tool and go directly to the report or specific schedule settings. This report is available to Zoola admins and can be accessed by visiting Reports > View Existing within Zoola.

Please Note: In order for the Schedules Overview Report to function correctly, the latest versions of the Zoola and Zoola Reports blocks ( should be installed on the LMS.

Zoola Plugins

ENHANCEMENT: Zoola Block Self-Connection Test & Registration - To help with the Zoola installation process we have now introduced a new feature to the Zoola block, which allows for the data connection between the LMS and Zoola to be tested directly from the block. This functionality was previously available through a service included on the Zoola site. We have now moved this workflow into the block streamlining the connection test and registration process. 

If you have not already connected Zoola to the LMS, this screen can be used to test your database connection and register your LMS on Zoola using the connection test form. If your Zoola connection is already active, the connection test form will show your current connection settings and allow you to edit them as necessary.

The connection test is available through a new Database settings menu that allows you to enter in your database connection information. This can be accessed by visiting Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Zoola > Database settings within your Moodle or Totara site.

ENHANCEMENTAllow more language strings to be updated within the Lambda Time Tracker plugin - To allow for more language customisation options we have increased the number of language strings available within the the Lambda Time Tracker plugin (local_lambda_time_tracker). This update allows for all language associated with the course interrupt and course time achieved modal popups to be customised through Moodle/Totara's language pack editor.


BUG:  Font files are being downloaded every time a report loads - In January we introduced a new font to address an issue associated with exporting reports with Chinese Characters to PDF. This font resolved the PDF export issue, but meant that the new font had to be downloaded each report load, even if Chinese characters were not being used. We have now resolved this issue so that the Chinese character compatible font is only used during the PDF export and is not downloaded during report rendering. All other report loads or exports will use the original compatible font.

BUG: Zoola block & Zoola Reports block not installing on Moodle 3.5.5 and 3.6.3 - On the most recent versions of Moodle (3.5.5 and 3.6.3) the Zoola block and Zoola Reports block was failing to install/upgrade. This issue has now been resolved so that the blocks will install without error.


UPDATE: Update the Zoola Installation Guide to reflect new Self-Connection test workflow - We have now updated the Zoola Installation guide to reflect the changes to the Self-Connection test, which can be performed through the Zoola block. The updated documentation can be found here.

Accessing the latest Zoola enhancements

All the updates and enhancements that are listed in the above release notes are now available for use within the Zoola server and the Zoola LMS plugins. Zoola server enhancements are applied automatically to Zoola instances and be accessed immediately by all users.

Zoola Plugin enhancements can be accessed by installing the latest version of the plugins on the LMS. Lambda Solutions' Moodle & Totara LMS hosted customers can take advantage of these plugin updates immediately as the enhancements have been automatically installed onto your LMS site. For externally hosted Zoola customers, please visit to get the latest version of the Zoola plugins.

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