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The Formula Builder tab is where you create the formula for your calculated field or measure. This tab includes the following

  • Formula Entry Box: shows the current formula for your calculated field. You can edit the formula by typing directly in the panel, or using the operator buttons and the Fields and Measures and Functions selection lists. Formulas must use the following syntax: 

    • Labels for fields and measures must be in double quotes ("): "Customer ID", "Date ordered". 

    • Text must be in single quotes ('): '--'. 

    • Levels must be in single quotes ('): 'ColumnGroup', 'Total'. 

  • Operator buttons: lick  click these buttons to insert the operator in the Formula entry box. 

  • Fields and Measures list: lists all the fields and measures currently in your Ad Hoc view, including any calculated fields or measures you have already created. Double-click a name on the list to insert it into the Formula entry box. Note that field and measure names must be enclosed in double quotes. For example: "Region". This is done automatically when you insert a field by double-clicking. 

  • Functions: lists all the available functions you can use in your formula. Double-click the name of a function to insert it in the Formula Entry Box. 

  • Function Description panel: gives a brief description of the function selected in the Functions list, if any. 

  • Show arguments in formula (checkbox): when this checkbox is enabled, double-clicking on a function name in the  Functions list adds the full description to the  Formula Entry Box; when the checkbox is disabled, double-clicking on a function name adds only the function. For example, double-clicking "Round" adds "Round("NumberFieldName", Integer)" when the checkbox is enabled, and adds "Round()" when the checkbox is disabled. If you enable this checkbox, you can double-click on a string, such as "NumberFieldName", and then replace it by double-clicking a name in the  Fields and Measures list. 

  • Validate button: checks the formula for syntax errors, such as missing parentheses or quotes. Your field must validate before you can create it. Syntax validation does not guarantee that your formula will give the results you want—validation just ensures that the construction of your formula is consistent and logical.