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Reports are finalized versions of Ad Hoc Views intended for presentation and analysis purposes, allowing stakeholders to interact with data and export the final result. 

Ad Hoc Views are best suited for exploratory purposes - you can change visualization methods, included fields and measures, calculated fields, and filters. Reports, on the other hand, are a defined configuration of fields, filters, and visualizations. 

The main analysis tool present in a Report will be the interactive filters, and the ability to Run the Report to update the necessary field and measure data. When you Run a Report, it opens in Zoola™'s interactive Report Viewer, through which you can personalize and refine the data through inclusion and formatting. You can then export Reports for presentation outside of Zoola™, if necessary. 

You can also schedule Reports to Run unattended at decided intervals, and configure them to be mailed out upon completion. 

The following video provides an overview and walkthrough of Reports in Zoola™:

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