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  • NEW  We have added a new local plugin "Activity visibility" to help normalize activity visibility data.  This plugin, when enabled, will add course module availability data to a new table mdl_local_activityvisibility.  This data is currently stored as a JSON string, in the availability field in the mdl_course_module table.  Parsing the availability field to determine whether users should see activities in their reports added considerable query and processing time to reports causing delays in the delivery of the report. Now, with this normallized data, the table can be joined to your existing Data Source to restrict reports to only show activities the users have available to them.  NOTE.  This local plugin is supported on Moodle 3.5 and higher and Totara V12 and higher.

  • FIXED There was an issue importing time spent data when the Moodle or Totara database is PostgreSQL.  This has now been fixed and the import will complete successfully.

  • FIXED There was an error thrown when deleteing a course due to time spent event listeners still running on that course. This has been fixed.

  • FIXED While in Zoola running reports, the "Please wait. Loading" spinner was disappearing before the report was finished loading.  This appeared like the report was not successful.  This has been fixed and the spinner runs until the first page of the report is loaded.

In light of these changes, we ask that you update your Zoola Analytics plugins and block. They can be downloaded from here:  

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