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Zoola Enhancements

NEW REPORT: Artifact Dependencies Report - A Report within Zoola is comprised of at least 3 different components, Report, Ad Hoc View and Data Source. As these components are all interlinked many of our customers have asked if there is a way to show the relationship between each of the artifacts so that they could understand, for example, which data source is used for a particular report. To address this the Zoola team have created a new Artifacts Dependency Report, which is designed to show you how Data Sources, Ad Hoc Views and Reports are all linked together. 

The report shows each artifact under the appropriate column and the other artifacts that are built on top of it. The report includes filtering by Data Source, Ad Hoc View and Report and includes hyperlinks, which can be used to take you straight to the artifact you want to view in more detail.

We hope this report will prove to be a really useful tool for understanding and identifying how the different Zoola artifacts are linked together. You can find this report under the Reports tab within Zoola.

ENHANCEMENT: Updated Seminar Report, with custom Seminar Fields and new documentation - In Totara 9, an enhancement to the Face to Face activity was released that allowed for greater control and flexibility when using classroom based sessions within courses. This activity was also renamed as the Seminar activity to encompass the new features that the functionality offered. As part of Zoola's on going development we have now enhanced the old detailed Face to Face report with the new Seminar features. The Seminar Expanded Report and Seminar Expanded with Certificates report now feature Rooms and Asset information that was not previously available with the Face to Face activity.

One of the additional features that the Seminar activity included was the ability to create a variety of custom fields associated with the different components of the activity. Custom fields allow you to add you own information to the Seminar signup page, cancelation page as well as to the different resources that can be used within the seminar events, such as rooms and assets. As custom fields vary from customer to customer they cannot be added to the general Seminar data source. However, assist with this process we have created a detailed wiki document which outlines the process for adding these fields to the seminar data sources and reports. You can find more information about this HERE.

ENHANCEMENT: Zoola Connection Test portal URL update - We have now updated the Zoola Connection Test portal workflow so it can be directly accessed by visiting

ENHANCEMENT: Updated Enrollment - Who Has Not Enrolled Report - We have enhanced one of our first report Zoola reports, "Enrollment - Who Has Not Enrolled Report", so that it now includes additional user information.

Zoola Plugins

ENHANCEMENT: Ability to enable/disable Zoola Reports block exporting and scheduling - Based on a number of customers requests, we have added the ability, within the Zoola Reports block, to be able to enable and disable report exporting, the send as email button and report scheduling via the Reports block.These settings have been added to the global plugin settings (Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Zoola Reports and allow you to individually control the visibility settings. 

The global settings control access across the whole site and can be used to fully enable or disable an export/schedule option. Each Zoola Reports block instance also contains its own settings. This allows the block editor (user, teacher, admin) to control the individual settings, meaning that exporting can be enabled in one area of the site and not in others.

ENHANCEMENT: Zoola Reports block localization enhancements - The Zoola Reports block has been updated so that it can utilize the language settings within Moodle and Totara LMS, making language translations easy. 

ENHANCEMENT: Lambda Dedication plugin performs Time Spent calculations shortly after installation - A number of customers were reporting that Time Spent information was not being calculated within their LMS so they could not use the available Time Spent Reports, Ad Hoc Views or Data Sources. We have now updated the Lambda Dedication plugin so that shortly after installation the block adds a new cron task that will perform the Time Spent calculation based on the LMS log data.


BUGAccess denied error in Zoola Reports block when Embedding Ad Hoc Views - An issue that when opening an ad hoc view as a non-LMS admin within the Zoola Reports block, the user would get an access denied error. This issue occurred with public and private Ad Hoc Views. This issue has now been resolved.

BUG: Special character stops report from being added to Zoola Reports block - When creating reports, if the report name contained special characters such as "ã", "é", "õ" , "Ж", "П", the Zoola Reports block would not allow the report to added. This issue has now been resolved.

BUG: Change Summary Calculation selector within Ad Hoc View doesn't show currently selected summary method - The "Change Summary Calculation" selection in the Ad Hoc View editor was not showing the current summary selection. This has now been resolved by including a • next to the appropriate summary selection.

BUG: Custom Filter Expression expand/collapse button not visible within Ad Hoc View - The Custom Filter Expression expand/collapse button (located at the bottom right of the Ad Hoc Editor view, under filters) was not displaying. This has now been resolved by including a ▶ next to the Custom Filter Expression area.

BUG: Charts with links can cause Zoola Reports block to stall - When charts were embedded within the Zoola Reports block, sometimes the loading of this view would cause the Zoola Reports block to become unresponsive. This issue has now been resolved.

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