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About this update

The Zoola Team continues on its journey to deliver you the most widely used Learning Analytics solution in the market. We are excited to share a couple highlights of the most recent enhancements that we have released.

: Allow Ad Hoc Views to be embedded within the Zoola Reports Block and LMS. As part of the ongoing enhancements to bring Zoola functionality into the LMS, we have now added the ability to embed Ad Hoc Views directly in the Zoola Reports block. Ad Hoc views can be selected in the same way as Reports and Dashboard, using the Report Block Settings area and selecting the Ad Hoc View that you would like to embed.

The key benefit of embedding Ad Hoc Views is that the view mode can be switched between the different crosstabs, tables and charts directly within the Zoola Reports Block.

ENHANCEMENT: Data Source and Security File Mappings documentation. Many of the out of the box data sources have security files installed, which restrict access to the data based on attributes and permissions associated with the report viewer (user). To help identify the security files that are associated with a public, out of the box data source, we have created the following Data Source and Security File Mappings documentation, which outlines the files that have been applied to each data source.

BUG: Authentication error being displayed on some mobile devices. When loading embedded reports in the Zoola Reports block on an iPhone or Android device, periodically an "Authentication Error" would be displayed preventing the report from loading correctly. This issue has now been resolved with an update to the Zoola Reports Block, and allows for all Zoola content to be displayed as expected on mobile devices.

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